Rugby Gametrainer
Rugby Gametrainer
Rugby Gametrainer

Rugby Gametrainer

The Circuband Game Trainer is the ultimate training tool for those who want to take their game to the next level. The Game Trainer uses the Circuband sytem to place extra loading on those muscles specific to passing, line out throwing and core stability. The result? A stronger and faster pass. Also, the players can complete drills while fighting against the Game Trainer's lateral resistance. This helps build core strength and stability that will help players more effectively combat enertia and other the other types of lateral resistance that players face in a game situation such as a tackle. Heavier equipment such as medicine balls can have a negative impact on the players' existing neuromuscular pathways that have been refined after many years of practice. The best thing about the GameTrainer is that it weighs the same as an actual ball and the player can set up the resistance to directly oppose the target.

Excerpt taken from From the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 2006;1:74-83....

Although nonspecific resistance training can induce neural adaptations and increase the power production of individual muscles, it appears that to maximize transfer to specific sports skills, training should be as specific as possible, especially with regard to movement pattern and contraction velocity. This type of training can be expected to enhance intermuscular coordination and ensure that muscles are “tuned” to any newly acquired force-generating capacity. Adding a load to a sports movement would seem to be a suitable strategy to achieve this specificity, although the amount and direction of added resistance would need to be considered.

What you get:

1 x Size 5 match quality rugby ball with custom inbuilt strap 

1 x Ankle loop 

1 x 25mmx 208cm band

plus required buckles 

1 x Carry Bag